Joe Biden ran on a platform of cross-party unity, did that cost us votes down the ballot?

Then Primary Candidate Fmr. VP Joe Biden poses for a selfie with supporters. (Photo Credit: Mihaly I. Lukacs — Rights Reserved)

Joe Biden’s defeat of Donald Trump has been spun by outlets and pundits alike as amazing, breathtaking, and a defining moment for American politics.

But is no one going to talk about the fact that 47% of the voting population, over 70 million Americans, managed to vote for the alternative, objectively the worst and most corrupt president in U.S. history? A racist, demagogue, sexist con-man whose childish behavior and inaction continues to results in thousands of American deaths? Why?

And more importantly, why did the party he represents cling onto their seats so effectively in so many different places?


An opinion-analysis on how Donald Trump shoved the American standard off a 58-story skyscraper.

How did we get here? What happens next?

Then-reality TV star Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2011. Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore (Photo is Creative Commons)

The American Ideal was more than just a standard. Certainly more than just a dream. It was a belief, a confidence, in the land, the nation, the people and the opportunities that spanned many subcultures, demographics, and groups both in the United States and around the world. Even in all its failures, it was to stand for aspiration.

Arguably akin to failure, nary a day in which the common Republican or Democrat public servant finds themselves following a code of ethics religiously, but there has traditionally been an equitable understanding.

The understanding is simple: “scandals are bad because being bad…

Coronavirus, just this little thing that’s been killing at-risk groups. (Courtesy:

Hey, if you’re a resident and this concerns you at all, you should share this article and sign this petition:

UPDATE: Wake County Public School Systems has announced they’re closing schools. It may have taken a teacher getting sick with COVID-19, but at least they got the message.

Surprise, Wake County Public School Systems! You may not know what disease vectors are, but I’m here to explain it to you! You might have looked at a mortality chart recently and said, “aww jeez, it looks like kids aren’t really affected by this virus, we should stay open!”. …

Joe Biden in a blue suit smiles, posing for a selfie with a supporter as a crowd surrounds him
Joe Biden in a blue suit smiles, posing for a selfie with a supporter as a crowd surrounds him
Former vice president and current presidential candidate Joe Biden poses for a selfie with a supporter after a rally in Raleigh, N.C. (Photo: Mihaly I. Lukacs, Rights Reserved)

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Scranton, P.A. may be known to most nowadays as the location of the hit American TV Show “The Office”, adapted from the British mockumentary series with the same name. But what many don’t know about Scranton is that it is also the hometown of one Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr..

Biden, who we now recognize as the former vice president of the United States…

A Two-Pronged Statement on the Supreme Court’s Border Wall Ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court, with the engraving “Equal Justice Under Law” (Photograph by Kjetil Ree, 2007 CC, edited by author)

The news on the judicial front seemed relatively straightforward: a federal trial court had placed an injunction on President Trump’s efforts to take money out of the defense budget towards his self-proclaimed ‘border wall’. However, it wouldn’t be very long before the long arm of the Supreme Court, in its traditional 5–4 high-partisan ruling style, swung out and knocked down the injunction. According to the ruling, as appeals play out, the executive branch has the authority to use defense funds as they please. Whilst the ACLU and others recoil in horror at this ruling on its simplest basis, at first…

You read that right. Imagine you met your dog-self as a canine companion on an airplane flying high above the East Coast. Well, it happened to me and the story behind it is one which brings with it a valuable lesson to every single traveler.

One special little canine snugly asleep to the hum of an E190’s turbofans at cruising altitude

I, as I tell my girlfriend, “am not the smartest koopa shell in the Mushroom Kingdom”, but one trait I undoubtedly have is an unadulterated love affair with both conversation and travel. I am as unholy as to want to combine the two, and it just so happens that every single time I am graced with the opportunity to travel through an international airport, I am reminded of my absolute affinity towards both of them. Many of us despise these transportation hubs as it is easy to view them as just concrete masses with delays, cancellations and arguably horrific business…

Mihaly I. Lukacs

I’m a student at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Hussman School of Journalism and Media. Interested in politics, global studies, and the very stories that makes us human.

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